About Us

Tobago Policy Forum

tobagopolicyforum.org is a blog/organization in transition.  We create a platform for the constructive debate of public policy in Tobago and affecting Tobago (and by extension Trinidad). The contributions expressed in this forum will continually add to the developmental debate and promote measures to increase the participation of civil society in debates in the public square.

The forum will address issues pressing to the developmental needs of Tobago and by extension Trinidad with a commitment to intellectual development and raising efforts to raise the level of political discourse.  Borrowing from the words of our pledge to “strive, in everything we do, to work together with our fellowmen, Of every creed and race, For the greater happiness of all and the honour and glory of our country,” are the foundations of our operating principles



Keino Baird is the Founder and Editor of tobagopolicyforum.org.  Conceptualized upon his return to New York to complete his doctorate after living, working and doing research in Tobago for 13 months.  TPF is considered “transitory” at this current phase in its organizational development.  Keino is an educator by profession with a background in political science and history.   He worked in Tobago as journalist, freelance writer, and Assistant Editor of the Tobago News.  He is currently pursing a doctorate in Educational Leadership.   He envisions tobagopolicyforum.org as an initiative that educates and engages citizens in Tobago while informing the Tobago diaspora especially in the United States about developments in Tobago.  Keino lived in Tobago until the age 11 then migrated to the United States. He enjoys going to the beach, traveling, farming and became an expert at drying fish and making kuchela while in Tobago. Keino lives in New York for 9 months of the year while spending approximately three months in Tobago each year.


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